i need 

the soul drinker

the TYPO

the desert fury

jacks hammer

the shrieking pilgrim

and the bloodcraver

if you have any of these message me, i will trade you for them


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hi what i did for the cooks hat was have a *** marrige with one of the cooks(crazy) then sleep for 2days and he has a gift, do this until he gives you a cooks hat

I can help u with ur list Star K1ller............best advice is to add me and watch for when I'm playing.......

Thank u. I've unlock clothes achievement. Now i need only one bloodcraver.

Please. Now for my last 2 achievement I need those legendary weapons: Beadle's Cutlass, Souldrinker, Hammer of Wilmageddon, Sorrow’s Fist, Jack's Hammer, Chickenbane, Bloodcraver, Skorm’s Justice... and I need a cook's hat. I'll give you those weapons back, promise!

I need help with the weapons, some little *** stole all mine >.< but i've managed to get some of them back now i'm just after

>The Swinging Sword


>Jack's Hammer

>Tannar's Glory


>Briar's Blaster

>Dragonstomper .48

>The Ice Maiden

>The Equaliser

>The Sandgoose

>Simmon's Shotgun

>Skorm's Justice

Make best friends with the castle cook, and he should gift you the hat sooner or later.