Weapons to have more than 1 customization

M16a4 can have 4x scope, foregrip, and heavy barrel attachmetn at once.




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So, is that 3 attachments plus a potential 4th if you weren't to equip the defib? Lots of customization, I like it...


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I got it all wrong, you still get 2 gadgets and the specialization slot plus 3 slots to customize your primary weapon, so cool...

Weapons get 1 optic attachment and 2 gadget attachments.

Primary weapons to be more specific...

In a game like this, I don't think having more than 2 attachments will mean ultimate destructive power, so it's fitting and realistic at least.

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Primary weapons to be more specific...



I agree.  Having more attachments would not turn anyone into a super soldier.  The scope is the only real help when it comes to wide open maps, as long as I have one of those I can literally take out  anyone from any distance.

Sounds interesting and exciting at the same time.