Weapons or perks you want back for MW3...

Hello all.  I was just wondering if anyone was hoping they would get some of the weapons or perks they like using in Modern Warfare 2 in Modern Warfare 3?

Personally, I was an Akimbo MP5K user almost exclusively.  I was eerily accurate and effective with this setup and it took me a while to adjust to using only a single MP5K in Black Ops.  I want my dual-wield back!

Well, how about you?  Anything you miss already?


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I think hardline will be a mainstay, I hope they keep hacker though. Great perk. I hope they do like BO and use period experiment weapons. I know it would be cheap, but an assault rifle with the corner camera would be cool. lulz.

I think IW needs to bring back 2nd Chance and Ghost Pro........

Donning Flame retardant apparel........

Ghost and Hacker!


I goddamn hope they get RID of Last Stand/Second Chance!

Oma or overkill ........

    I know people hated oma because of the abuse, but I never really heard any complaints about overkill.


    And I really do think they should keep sc ...... I agree on the need for a flame suit   ... but honestly, I dont want it because I use it, but I think it adds a bit of challenge and makes people pay attention rather than just hit and run blindly.


   Of course ghost pro type perk should stay. People complain about it, but I dont care, as long as there are spy planes and air support there ought to be a perk that gives some kind of protection from them.

   One of the biggest complaints right now about ghost is overuse due to a lack of a better perk in that tier, but imagine the overuse of radar and AI ksrs if there wasnt such a perk.

I'm hoping Second Chance goes away. I'm also hoping for less classes. Yep, I said less. If I made MW3 I would make it where you had 4 classes and you leveled slowly to 75 (like World of Warcraft) and there was only one Prestige and it unlocked one extra class and maybe a few other classes. That way after a two months everyone would be Prestige 75 and then ppl wouldn't have a reason to boost or try to show off. Less classes also make for more individualism amongst players. I would also make branching Pro Perks to have more individualism. If you messed up or didn't like your build you could Prestige again to start over (but wouldn't unlock anything).

I actually agree with this.  We should only have a few classes to customize but in my opinion they should be fully customizable down to the kill streak rewards.  The map votes should be hidden so you wouldn't be able to customize everything because you knew a certain map was coming.  This game should promote individualism and the skill would be knowing how to navigate a map with your specific class, not having ten different setups so that if you are doing bad with one you could switch it up.

As it stands, I'm usually one of the only people using something besides a FAMAS, Ghost Pro, and a handful of other guns/perks.  I do well in the game, so it isn't that I'm bad that I am complaining.  I just wish that I saw more people like me who take a weapon or class and make it their own or use it because it suits their play style.

But then again, all that stuff could backfire.  You would probably still see a ton of people using the same exact class setup and you would probably still run into those clans who as soon as they start getting dumped on they all switch to Ghost and hope it saves them.


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Also Akimbo G18's.

I'd like them to keep the MW2 perk tier structure. It'd also be nice if you wanted to use two perks from the same tier, you could, but you'd either lose your third perk or lose your secondary.


We need stopping power again and make ghost a 2nd perk.

Cod4 Perk styles was very balanced.

Weapons: 50 Cal, M16, Ak47, M14.

Host Pro,Stopping Power, & Juggernaut

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