Weapons Firing Rate Change

Hey everyone. I've search the forums and didn't find anything relating to this particular question..


When playing any game mode my weapons (primary weapon) switches from rapid fire to single round shots after being killed. I know the weapons have different firing options but I never select single shot at all, at least not intentionally. How can I switch back and forth from firing modes when this happens again? Any insight on this is appreciated. Thanks.


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I think the Dpad toggles the fire rate for weapons. Im not sure if its left or right though (maybe down or up), but use the Dpad.

It's a glitch. If you press either right or left on the D-pad it has a chance to "glitch out". You'll still see it's in full-auto, but when you attempt to fire, it'll switch to semi-auto. Just to be clear, but I haven't heard any cases of this before the Aftermath patch, so it seems to be a recent addition.

Some weapons, like the AN-94, are automatically set to burst fire, even though they have Full Auto and Single Shot available. Some have Full Auto and Single Shot, and some have all 3. Just make sure that you have selected the correct setting by looking at the small blocks above your ammo indicator.

Yeah but if you use the AN-94 in any BUT burst-fire you're an idiot. Gun stops becoming OP and turns into one of the worst in the game.

I honestly don't think it's a glitch. I think it has to do with the crappy Dpad on the 360 controller thinking you are pushing it up or down when in reality you are trying to hit it left or right. Why do I think this? i used to have the exact same problem until I moved to an Evil controller which has it's Dpad buttons all seperated like the A,B,X,Y buttons and I have not had the problem once since.

Well when I tested it in a private match I used absolute care not to hit the fire rate change.