Weapons executions


Can anybody tell me about executions mind has gone blank since beta- xbutton y button holding what which one down for long execution or just quick tap for weapons one when you unlock them.

All help is welcome

Thanks in advance 


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In MP and Horde you have to unlock the executions by getting a certain amount of kills with all the weapons. But you can do them without having to unlock them in campaign

Lancer: Hold Y

Hammerburst: Hold Y

Retro Lancer: Hold Y

Gnasher Shotgun: Hold Y

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Hold Y

Gorgon Pistol: Hold Y

Boltok Pistol: Hold Y

Boomshot: Hold Y

Digger Launcher: Hold Y

Hammer of Dawn: Hold Y

Mulcher: Hold Y

Mortar: Hold Y

One-Shot: Hold Y

Scorcher: Hold Y

Torque Bow: Hold Y

Longshot: Hold Y

Cleaver: Hold Y

Shield Bash: Hold Y

Face Punch: COG + Snub Pistol

Arm Rip: Locust + Snub Pistol

Curb Stomp: Tap Y

Neck Snap: Tap X to make Meatshield + X

Chainsaw: Hold B with the Lancer equipped

Bayonet Charge: Hold B with the Retro Lancer equipped

For multiplayer these two are also performed the following way.


Face Punch: COG + Hold Y when weapon execution is not unlocked.


Arm Rip: Locust + Hold Y when weapon execution is not unlocked




Kick them in the head: Tap B