Weapons and Items Trading Thread

Hi Guys, I just thought i'd throw up a trading thread here for people looking to swap for specific  weapons and items. Lets keep this legit so no looking for modded stuff.

I'm a level 69 siren and i'm always on the lookout for the best possible quality weapons and items. Currently looking for the following high level items but i'm always interested in a trade for anytype of rare item so feel free to hit me up and let me know what you are hunting for and i just might have it.

Double Anarchy SMGs

Hellfire SMGs

Perforator Snipers

Invader Snipers

Mercenary and Specter class mods, specifically ones with high level ammo regeneration, but i'm also always interested in all other siren class mods too that are of the highest caliber.

and ofcourse any Pearlescent weapons and shields.




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