Weapons and Clothes Trading

To trade with me send either a message or friend request mentioning Fable 3.

Note: All the items I need I will trade for with either weapons or money. If it still works I can also enter your world and open the 50 silver key chest (requires access to the Castle gardens) and give you the legendary weapon and 2 million gold from the chest. Also all the weapons I have to offer come from the stores in my world so my supply is infinite.


Weapons I have to trade:


  • Mr. Stabby
  • Slimquick
  • The Merchant's Bodyguard


  • Mallet's Mallet
  • Lunarium Pounder
  • Trollblight


  • Reaver Industries Perforator
  • Desert Fury
  • The Barnumificator


  • Scattershot
  • Facemelter
  • The Hero's Companion


Weapons I need:


  • Really Sharp Pair of Scissors
  • The Splade
  • Souldrinker
  • The Love Sword


  • The Tenderiser
  • The TYPO
  • Jack's Hammer
  • Hammer of Wilmaggedon
  • Sorrow's Fist
  • Aurora's Shield
  • Faerie Hammer of the Moon King


  • Dragonstomper .48
  • Bloodcraver
  • The Ice Maiden
  • Tee Killer Shooter
  • Holy Vengeance
  • Mirian's Mutilator


  • The Shrieking Pilgrim
  • Defender of the Faith
  • Arkwright's Flintlock
  • Skorm's Justice
  • Ol' Malice


Clothes I need:

Queen's Outfit:

  • Crown
  • Chest
  • Leggings
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Women's Masquerade Suit:

  • Head
  • Accessory
  • Upper Body
  • Leggings
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Cook's Hat


Thank you everyone. Feel free to post your requests here as well. Good luck, and happy gaming!


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