Weapon setup

I am using mostly at the min 

SA-805 with the Suppressor on it seem to be getting alot of kills with this..what is your setup

ALso if someone could answer this the muzzle brake is that a silencer aswell


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I have a rushing class with that aswell.Quickdraw,Stalker,Agility,Ready up and focus with a pistol.Nice speedy class

Muzzle break will help with recoil, but it will not silence the weapon.

Muzzle Break deals more damage from longer distance shots.

Honey badger silencer red dot armor piercing

quick draw

dead silence

gun ready

standard stuff nade 9 bang

@Bird--My reply from the muzzle break was an IRL reply. I dont have the game yet, LOL. Thanks for in game update though.

No problem. :)