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When I first got the game (I didn't play Demon Souls) I couldn't figure out why the wikis and forums were spending so much time detailing the move sets for each weapon.  We'll colour me convinced.   After playing around with various light and heavy weapons, I've finally come to realize why the community put so much emphasis on move sets and how it affects your style of play.  And this is coming from a predominantly PvE player.    I'm sure you PvPers must really have your own criteria, but bang for your buck no matter what weapon I tweak out, I keep going back to my +5 Black Knight Halberd.  


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I can't seem to give up my black knight sword +5..  There are so many play styles in this game that everyone can find something that works for them, Dark Souls FTW.

Im waiting to pick up the halberd its the only black knight weapon I dont have the axe at +5 2 handed kills the solver knights in anor londo in 2 hits.

I've never seen a game like this for encouraging you to basically marry yourself to a weapon or two, master the movesets, and stick with it.  It's like the perfect symbiosis of timing, reach, and speed that you have to know extremely well.  I also think that PvP pros know ALL the movesets, so the minute they see what you're wielding, they know what to expect, and how to counter it.  It's another reason why a spell like "hidden weapon" doesn't get used as much as it should.  If an opponent can't tell whether you're holding a dagger or a halberd, he/she is going to be at a disadvantage until they get hit with it a few times.