Weapon Help!!! PLZ!!!

I'm SL60 I'm using a Black Knight Sword +4 it does a ton of damage but where do I go to make cool element weapons like lighting and fire? I'm in Anor Londo and I have not beat the boss. When should I look at the painting also?


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Check that out.  Different blacksmiths do different things.  You'll need to give them "Embers" to unlock the ability to "ascend" weapons to different things.  Cheers!

Thank You!

No problemo.  You're welcome.

How do you unlock the ability to ascend? I'm just entering Blighttown btw

^^ Find embers. The link CoyandChris posted explains where each one is located and which blacksmith to give it to.

Giving blacksmiths Embers.  You have to upgrade a weapon to +10 (using Titanite Shards) and then can move up to other stuff.

I Just got the Greatsword of Artorias!!!!! Someone summon me!!!! I need humanaty!!!!

Thanks. I got an ember and gave it to the smithy who must be from Somerset (what an accent!) I think I can buy 2 shards from him too, is that right? What is the benefit of an ascended weapon, a lot better at killing bad guys?

Upgrading your weapons basically makes them stronger.  You just need to decide if you want to do a straight upgrade, raw, fire, lightning, magic, etc.