Weapon Collecting vs. "The Store"

I keep playing this game, b/c I want every weapon in the game as a lvl 10.  It drives me to want to play more and more.  In doing so, I've come across a strategy for properly using the store for weapon upgrades.  By doing this, you will get every weapon as a lvl 10 as cheaply as possible.  Except N7's as they are only given out as reward packs every 2 weeks.


1. Don't overpay for lower level weapons.  I don't adhere to the policy of always buying PSP.  This only makes sense when you have every uncommon weapon as a lvl 10.  If you do, then you are very likely to get a lower lvl weapon in a PSP, and you are way overpaying for it.  Only buy PSP when you have all uncommons as a lvl 10.


2. Start out by getting all COMMON weapons to lvl 10 by only purchasing RECRUIT packs. (very easy and cheap to do).


3. Get all of your UNCOMMON weapons to lvl 10 by purchasing only VETERAN packs. (still pretty easy and realtively cheap to do)


4. Now buy everything with PSP.  You get more bang for the buck than a SP.  Example: For 600k, you can either buy 10 SP = 10 RARES or 6 PSP = 12 RARES.  Yes you get more rockets, medigels, etc.  But if you use my theory above, I filled out every equipent with 255, so I don't need them.  And yes, you'll get more equipment, but ask yourself, do you care more about equipment, or weapons?  For me, it's all about the "pop-pop!"


I've done this theory, and I have every RARE and below as a lvl 10.  Most of my ULTRA-RARES are lvl 4 and above.  I have every weapon in the game except for the stupid BW and Javelin.  But I feel confident that I will have them soon.  Also, N7 weapons are only given for reward packs, so there's no real strategy there except to always complete the weekend challenges.


For anyone interested, I have an excel sheet that lists every weapon according to class, and you simply add the lvl beside it, and it tallys when you've completed a section (commons, uncommons, etc).  So you would know when to purchase Recruit packs, Veterans, and PSP.  Send me a message if you would like it.


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I just told my friend about this method so this is a good post because some may not think about this.

totally agree

I just fly with regular Spectres, cause meh PSP's keep giving me junk -_- (Character cards, ect.)

OP doesn't have the Javelin I have it at 10 but still only have Paladin 2..the fates are unkind

I just want my Falcon @ level X

I cannot seem to get Uncommon Weapon mods regardless of what I purchase. I've been playing the game since day of release, and I finally got the first level of the SMG Extended Barrel last week or so. I've been joking with my friends for a while now that the only Uncommon drops I tend to get are Turians and shotguns. Since I've finally maxed out the Uncommon shotguns, now I'm only getting Turians. Despite the fact that I have tons of Uncommon classes I have yet to max out, I continue to get Turian solider and Turian sentinel as my Uncommon drops and nearly nothing else but those two.

I finally got the Harpoon Gun and the Kreegar Combine

Ive asked this before on similar threads or posts IS there OR will there ever be a CHAKRAM LUANCHER??

I finally got my BW!  Hallelujah!!

The Chakram Launcher is currently only SP, I have not seen or heard of any plans to bring it to MP.