We want colour blind mode!

I am really struggling telling the colour difference between the people in my squad and the colour of the enemy! This sucks.

Sort this out DICE!


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Thought this was starting to be the norm, I know crappy cod is doing this but i couldnt give two craps about it

Same issue here. I'm avoiding Hardcore mode for that very same reason. Tons of other people have complained about it on the official forums and unfortunately the mods keep shrugging it off like it's not a big issue. They're not taking it very seriously and it's frustrating.

Same here. The colours are too close for me....one big plus for Black Ops...and another reason to but MW3.

A shame though, I really would have liked to enjoy the game without this as a distraction. Hopefully one day it might be included as an option like BOps

I'm not color blind myself, but my mate is. He can only see blue, really, but I do wish this was an option for people. I think it should be there for every game on the market today, honestly.

what colors would make you happy?

I'm colorblind also and these colors are horrible, why wouldn't they have the same setup as BFBC2