We Sponsor *New* Clans!!!

We are Commando Gaming, a fairly new gaming community designed to help newer clans and individuals looking to take that next step. We're not the type of sponsor that will pay you to do things or go anywhere, if your looking for that your either too ready or dont fully understand how to run your clan, but we can help. What we can offer clans is everything they need to get noticed and eventually get you to a paying sponsorship. Here's what we can offer:

Games We Sponsor For
- Modern Warfare 3
- Black Ops
- Battlefield 3
- Halo Reach

What You Get
- Free Website - Through our partner Enjin.com
- Free Advertisement - through our website, twitter, forums, etc
- Design your own merchandise - tshirts, hoodies, hats, travel mugs, etc
- Training - Our skilled staff has over 10 years clan experience

If your interested, goto our website www.COMMANDOGAMING.com


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Reply fail.

Your "skilled staff" have over ten years of clan experience? In what way?

I've been with clans (including being paid to work for some in my spare time) for about ten years of my life, but I don't class myself as "skilled with clans".

Coming from experience; if you have a clan and you're looking to expand, you just need to invest some cash into your clan. That way, you pay for advertising, merchandise, (gaming) servers, web hosting, staff (only if you need some), and projects.

If you have advertising and a reason for existence, then you're pretty much set.

Then just get some traffic and an Adsense account, and your clan will take off like a rocket.

If you are sponsored by someone powerful like a game dev department (for example, back in the days I was in a clan sponsored by Lucas Arts on SWBF2), then you're in business.

No offence to CommandoGaming, but they don't seem that amazing...

Our over 10 years of clan experience rank back to 2001 and the early Halo days, however the big move was in 2005 with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, gaining 547 wins in a tiny little clan most Battlefield Veterans know as UAF or United Allied Forces, beating the likes of DC5, COA, SnH and yes even the best clan ever to play Battlefield, TGB. From there I myself branched out to GRAW2, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 &2 and ofcourse COD. Most of my staff didnt get into gaming until 2008, with most of their clan experience being with COD and Halo. Thats just my 10+ years of clan experience, if I wanted to really get technical I could say our whole staff has over 20 years of experience together, but I dumbed it down a little for you not so smart folk that cant count that high.

Now if you took the time to actually read my post it states "What we can offer clans is everything they need to get noticed and eventually get you to a paying sponsorship", meaning we're not a big name sponsor. In my many years of running clans there comes a time when you need to hang it up, so I did, and now I focus on helping out smaller clans, those without websites or any knowledge of how to get a clan running. Do you assume every clan out their automatically has a website, they dont. Some clans out their need a direction and someone to tell them how to do this, where to get that, and what to do next, and thats where CommandoGaming comes into play. If you already have a website, advertisement, merchandise, etc, than you obviously dont need us, but newsflash, not every clan knows how to get that and where to get that.

Look us up bopeclan.com

Wow don't dig at me, I'm not being a smartass, I'm just giving constructive knowledge.

If you had read my post properly, I wouldn't feel the need to reply but nobody reads nowadays do they...

Most clans do actually have websites, but indeed, not all of them do. This is where I realise you will get most of your "business" from.

Then when you think about it a little deeper, you realise something interesting: In this day and age where CoD and Battlefail 3 dominate the market, what target market buys into these games and makes the most "clans"? The answer: Twelve year olds!

Not literally of course, but you see what I'm getting at?

There are too many clans out there to count that are run by kids, and I personally am yet to see one become a hit success, even through sponsorship and help like yourselves.

Not gonna happen :)

If a clan wants to get itself recognised these days, they use a simple thing called the internet, and (as I've said) a fair bit of money usually helps.

Try it out, might get yourself noticed.

Anyways, I just saw this on the recent posts bit yesterday and thought I'd check it out to see how scammy it was- I was wrong in thinking that, but still don't see much, if any potential with this. All I'm saying.