We Need Guns Achievement

I am currently at 41/50 for the above achievement, however several sites that list all the legendary weapons indicate that there are 51 legendary weapons.

According to these lists I am still looking for the :-

Jacks Hammer

Tannars Glory

Swinging Sword


Really sharp pair of scissors

Skorms Justice

Marksman 500

The Heroes Companion

Dragon Stomper .48

Blood Craver


I have several duplicate weapons which I am willing to trade in exchange for any of the above


Trollbright - Faerie Hammer Of The Moon King - Auroras Shield - The Tenderiser

The Casanova - Slimquick - The Splade

The Equaliser - Swift Irregular - Scattershot - Defender Of The Faith - Simmons Shotgun

The Ice Maiden - Bonesmasher - Holy Vengeance - Tee Killer Shooter


Message me for trade

I shall pop back to update as often as I can


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If i could of got my game to work, i would of given you the guns, but my old xbox refuses to play any games.

Marksman 500 does not count for the achievement.

OK can scrub that off the list then

This is my inventory:

I am only interested in trading to save time so I am not going to bother with a count.

Melee Weapons:

The Love Sword

The Merchant's Bodyguard

The Splade

The Swinging Sword


Auora's Shield

Dragonbone Hammer

Faerie Hammer of the Moon King

Hammer of Wilmageddon

Tanner's Glory

The Tenderizer

Ranged Weapons:

The Barnumificator

The Bonesmasher

Briar’s Blaster


The Ice Maiden

Reaver Industries Perforator

Arkwright's Flintlock

The Equalizer

The Hero's Companion

Ol' Mallice


The Shrieking Pilgrim

I'd like to jump in this thread - I'm also in need of weapons to finish the achievement.

This is my inventory:

Melee Weapons:

Tannar's Glory    -   1

Mallet's Mallet     -   8

Lunarium Ponder   -   8

Dragonbone Hammer   -   8

Trollblight   -   1

Aurora's Shield   -   1

Really Sharp Pair of Scissors   -   1

The Casanova   -   8

The Slimquick   -   1

The Splade   -   9

The Love Sword   -   7

Ranged Weapons:

Simmon's Shotgun   -   1

The Sandgoose   -   1

The Shrieking Pilgrim   -   1

The Equaliser   -   1

Swift Irregular   -   8

The Hero's Companion   -   12

The Barnumificator   -   2

Arkwright's Flintlock   -   1

Gnomewrecker   -   1

Reaver Industries Perforator   -   8

Desert Fury   -   8

The Bonesmasher   -   2

Ol' Mallice   -   7

Holy Vengeance   -   6

It's a total of 25 unique weapons and I’m in need of 25 more. Would really appreciate some help with trading or loaning to pop the achievement (I’ll give them right back, cross my heart and hope to die!). The weapons are:


* Avo's Lamentation

* Beadle's Cutlass

* The Merchant's Bodyguard

* Mr Stabby

* Souldrinker

* The Swinging Sword

* Thunderblade


* Faerie Hammer of the Moon King

* Hammer of Wilmageddon

* Jack’s Hammer

* Scythe’s Warhammer

* Sorrow’s Fist

* The tenderiser

* The TYPO


* Bloodcraver

* Briar’s Blaster

* Chickenbane

* Dragonstomer .48

* The Ice Maiden

* Mirian’s Mutilator

* Tee Killer Shooter


* Defender of the Faith

* Facemelter

* Scattershot

* Skorm’s Justice

I still have a number of weapons that I need.

I am willing to trade and then trade back.

From your list I have:

Tannar's Glory

Swinging Sword

The Heroes Companion

If we can find someone else with other weapons I am willing to swap them around so everyone can get the achievement.

It looks like metrox might be in as well.