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I am enraged that we have to pay for our subscriptions and we can't even be treated with the right respect. Go into any game on either Call of Duty World at War, or Call of Duty Mode ! rn Warfare and you will see the game is unplayable because of the mods and spam messages happening on the screen. It is solely XBOX LIVE's job to do something about it and come up with a new patch or remove the websites which cause these sort of problems in the first place. We, the customers, need change in this community which we call XBOX LIVE and be treated as royalty because after all the customer is always right, especially when they pay for "unmatched" services. XBLPETS, do not send me a reply with a link to activision, treyarch, or infinity ward's websites and say it is their responsibility, because they will only say it's your responsibility to ban the players. I ask that you work in co-operation with these companies and execute a patch and ban all those responsible as well as shutting down the websites. Remember. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT


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2 things first

activision is the only people who can PATCH WAW or mw 2 its their game and their responcibility and their servers

therefore their IP property therefore if xbox releases a patches impossible without the source code or permission from the publisher then there is nothing they can do

xbox live only supplies the login servers

yes xbox live xbl PET can enforce the rules but it simple they take reports and investigates they do not release patches

like police investigations they do take time

it is your job to report them as you see them

All I have to say here is file a complaint, block communications, avoid the player and move on.

If i were to "file a complaint, block communications, avoid the player and move on" with every player i saw using mods, then i would be doing it to half of the entire lobby possibly more. You literally CANNOT join a game which is not modded.

whisper then don't join private parties

those are the moded ones

it is against antitrust rules that DOJ set out for MS to release patches for 3rd party software in the case of SUN vs MS java and WVM

the only people who can release patches is the developers

You may want to have a look here. forums.xbox.com/.../8203.aspx

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