We Need A WWI Call Of Duty

Yes I know what you all are thinking, "they've already done a WWI COD" or "the guns back then were stupid", and so on.  Well being a history buff and gun nut I have researched this.  First, there has never been a WWI videogame for any console that I am aware of.  All COD games have been WWII, Cold War era (this includes the Vietnam War), and present and future (Modern Warfare series).  Second, though firearms technology has increased dramatically in just 100 years they had plenty of cool guns back then.  Though most were bolt action like the Lee-Enfield, Gewehr 98, 1903 Springfield, etc.; some were semi automatic like the French Fusil Automatique Modele 1917 or Winchester 1907.  Heck, the United States even gave Russia 300,000 Winchester 1895 lever action rifles.  On top of all of this the Germans and Italians had submachine guns (MP18 and Beretta Model 1918); the Germans also had Mondragon fully automatic rifles; and the Russians had the world's first **** rifle (no the *** did not make the first **** rifle) the Fedorov Avtomat.  To stop boring you all about history I have made a list of possible alliances, weapons, attachments, and killstreaks.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Since Treyarch and Infinity Ward switch years Treyarch's year would fall on the 100th anniversary of World War I, so they would be a good choice to do this.  Here's the list:

Alliances: Allies

United States

United Kingdom





Alliances: Central Powers



Ottoman Empire

Weapons: Rifles

Springfield 1903

M1917 Enfield


Pattern 1914 Enfield

Mosin Nagant

Winchester 1895 (lever action)


Type 38

Type 44 Carbine


Lebel 1886

Fusil Automatique M1917 (semi auto)

Winchester Model 1907 (semi auto)

Mauser Gewehr 98

Mondragon (fully automatic +750rpm)

Mauser M93

Winchester 1866 (lever action)

Steyr-Mannlicer M1985 (straight pull bolt action)

*I would go on but there's about 20 others

Weapons: Carbines

MP18 (submachine gun; 450rpm)

Beretta Model 1918 (submachine gun; 900rpm)

Vilar-Perosa M15 (double barreled sub gun; 1200rpm)

Parabellum Artillery Model (Luger 08 with long barrel and stock; semi auto)

Fedorov Avtomat (Russian fully auto carbine or **** rifle; 400rpm)

Weapons: LMGs

M1918 BAR (550rpm)

Chauchat (250rpm)

Lewis Gun (500-600rpm)

Madsen (450rpm)

Hotchkiss M1909 (400rpm)

MG15 nA (belt fed; 500rpm)

Weapons: Anti Tank Rifles

Elephant Gun (Any big bore hunting rifle; used be British)

Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr

Weapons: Shotguns

Winchester 1887 "Trench Gun"

Browning Auto-5

Winchester Model 12 (if your finger is on the trigger after you pump it will fire automatically)

Double Barreled Shotgun (used by British)

Weapons: Secondary

Various revolvers and pistols including the Luger 08, Colt 1911, and Webley Revolver

Various melee weapons including knuckle dusters, maces, and pick-axes

Weapon Attachments

Scope, bayonet, mills bomb (basically a grenade on the end of the barrel that you shoot), sling, extended mag (with some weapons), and upgraded sights

*It doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure can think of a few more.

Weapon Perks

All the ones from MW3 along with soft point bullets (more damage, but less penetration)


Spy plane, heavy machine gun, support gun (small cannon), air strike (either bombs or machine gun fire), artillery strike, tank (light tank that you can drive), and barbwire

Thank you for taking time and reading this.  If you have any ideas it would be much appreciated, and also post your opinion, I love a good argument.

For more weapons go to Wikipedia and type in List of Infantry Weapons of World War I.


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I would love a new world war game! Call of Duty: World at War was by far my favorite cod game. I wouldn't go to far back. I played the civil war game from the history channel and the weapons were horrible and overall a terrible game.

One thing I prefer about world war games over modern military shooters are the weapons.  All seem much more satisfying.  Un-scoped bolt action was nice.  


Wouldn't necessarily have to be a CoD....well, I suppose it does for people to buy it.

actually there is a ww1 video game it's called toy soldiers the first one.

That's more like a Tower Defense game.  It's a good game though.

I expect there's a relative lack of WWI games on the market because unlike WWII, there were no, ahhhhh... German Soup Kitchen Servers.  The "enemy" in such a game would be much harder to define, and so would the reasons for the war itself.


I doubt it would be very popular anyhow, even if it was a CoD.

No more Call of Dutys please, the games were good like 5 years ago before it was just the same ranking up system, same guns, worse maps every game, I used to love CoD, I was the biggest fan around 2002-2009 even before it went to online gaming, ever since Modern Warfare 2 it is just an online monstrosity, most of the kills online are made by the computers AI.

I just thought of another killstreak or perk: Stahlhelm.  It was the German helmet used in both WWs.  It could make you immune to instant headshots.  Oh and deathstreaks.  Maybe all the ones from MW3 except for Dead Man's Hand, due to historical reasons.  For the campaign you could play through major events such as the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, which started the war; the Russian Revolution, and famous battles like at Flander's Field and the Battle of Mons.  Hopefully, if Treyarch were to make something like this they would be accurate with the info, unlike Black Ops and tone down the cursing.

Yes, but Arctic Monkey this would be much different there would be a few weapons that were in any other COD.  And Noboundz I do agree with you on that.  They would have to market it right.  Plus too, COD is such a big name that it would at least be slightly successful.

Actually I would like to see a WWI game.  I thought Battlefield 1942 was a great FPS.  I liked COD 2.  They would have to do it right, and I think it's quite possible.  The one thing that might be hard to do is try and capture how to show the type of warfare that was used in WWI.  It was mostly trench warfare, tanks, and you had the biplanes.  


I think it's quite possible to do the game.

Sound like a good idea. But I think it wouldn't fit in COD world that well. But if you have a story where someone from the year 2150 trying altranated the out come of WW1. That would giving  gearmeney a let up. And make other countrys on the other side powerless in the events of WW2. And it be mix between weapions of that time. And weapions from  2150. And you must stop this evil time travler for changing history forever.

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