We need a sub forum for "Skyrim-Glitchs"

Half the forum is took up with people asking about very vauge and one off glitchs that only them an one other person has seen, if youve played Oblivion, or Fallout, you should know by now there will be glitchs you cant fix by doing anything in game, thats why there called glitchs and not problems... just google it, see whats said, if not you should have saved more often from experince.


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This is why they have a forum. So people can ask questions. If you see the header and it doesn't interest you, don't read it. And there are some major glitches that can't be prevented by saving.But to complain because people post questions is ridiculous.

half the fourm is just "glitch", im not saying there shouldnt be a place where people ask these questions, im saying there should be a seperate place...... and think about it, that way people could just browse the glitch section and see if theres was already there.

They REALLY should post them on the official Skyrim website, the developers dont mill around here.

We are posting them there as well (mainly) but it's also nice to post them here since more people read these forums so they a) can maybe avoid the glitches themselves and b) maybe be able to help