WE NEED A Major League Baseball Game!!

Ever since 2k canceled baseball. Xbox owners have not had the privilege of playing a quality MLB game. PS4 owners get MLB the show which is a great game. Xbox needs a baseball game to keep fans happy and compete with PS.

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Hi mate, you're best off voicing this on the feedback website, there has already been something made which you can support here: xbox.uservoice.com/.../6036775-we-really-need-a-good-baseball-game

As much as I love sports including baseball (Phillies fan) I do not like sports games.


While I agree that Xbox One does need a true "Baseball Simulation" game.  If there was a baseball game I would buy it day one.  However, I don't think that it will happen.  

Baseball (games on console) are not as popular as the other sports games.  We have seen Publisher, after Publisher, and Developer after Developer jump out of making baseball games.  And for good reason.  They just do not sell well.  

I thought MLB 2K was a solid baseball sim, and I was saddened when they stopped making MLB 2K.  But there was nothing they could do.  It just did not sell well.  And it wasn't about the quality, having owned both 7th gen consoles.  MLB 2K was just about on par with "The Sh*w".  

I hope we get a real baseball sim, I just don't see it happening.  

So, if this happens...

who do you think is the best publisher for that game?

"Baseball (games on console) are not as popular as the other sports games."

What is this "Baseball" thing you speak of? ;)