We few, We happy few gltched

So I finally finished that underwater level with four people and of course I find out I'm in the same boat as alot of others it seems. The achievement wont unlock :( I've tired looking it up online, but I only found things that people say "might" work. It also involves deleting my profile recovering and deleting my cache. Part of me wants too, but my other half doesn't want to chance losing all my progress on anything.


Basically I was wondering if anyone knows a confirmed fix or if deleting my cache will erase any of my progress. Thank you in advance :)


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Clearing your cache will have no effect on your gamesave.

All it does is remove the updates on your games,then when you go to load your game again it prompts you to download the latest update,which may include a fix for your problem.



I don`t think recovering your profile will have any effect.

They said something like if you recover your profile itll reload the info from Epic's servers, but now that I think of it, it probs wouldn't do anything.


I deffs don't wanna accidentally ruin all my progress for 3.0 even though it'll be forever until I get it.  

You could always save your game to a usb or cloud before attempting it,just in case.

Its a good idea to back up your save on this game anyway as loads of people have been reset back to zero through no fault of their own.

So i just tried and nothing... sucks but oh well if I ever get 3.0 I'll figure some way to unlock it. Thanks though