We Are The Forerunners Of Halo

We are the founders of the Halo rings. We destroyed the flood and restored humanity. We lived and thrived before anyone. We are the earliest Halo players. We are Team Forerunner.


Hey! Spartan I043 here.


Beginning sound cool? Keep reading! I am currently a Field Marshall and I am currently in the process of recruiting for my clan Team Forerunner in Halo Reach.


Team Forerunner is a clan where winning and losing don't count, where skill doesn't matter, where cussing hardly exists, and where fun is always in the game. If you cuss up storms, only care about winning, and are unsporting don't bother reading on or sending us friend requests. We DON'T want players that cuss up storms and we DON'T want players that are unsporting and only want to win. We want players that want to have fun, we want players that are good sports and we'd prefer players that don't cuss (we don't mind if a you can't help throw a cuss word in every now and then). We currently have about 70 awesome, official players in Team Forerunner! Team Forerunner only cares about having fun and if we win great. . . if we lose, oh well we have our chins held high ready to move on either way. We are very strict on players who only want to win, who are unsporting, and who cuss up storms (We banned two members because they were both cussing up a storm and one of them only wanted to win and was unsporting). Most of Team Forerunner's members rarely ever cuss (which is really nice) and we try to help each other rank up, complete challenges and become better players. Both guys and gals are welcome to join our clan. Reydaitso and KillJoyseries89 made two websites where you can view more of Team Forerunner's information.


KillJoyseries89 made this website:
http://team-forerunner.spruz.com/ (No registration is required except in posting)


We also have the "group" feature on Bungie.net. You can join our group there if you wish. We also have our own Youtube channel. Check that out if possible.


1. Player must respect the leaders/co-leaders: Spartan I043, Iron Hawk II, Jakeylakes, Reydaitso, fishiesDONTswim, and Mr Silph (So far only two members have disrespected us and I don't want it to happen again)


2. Player must be a good sport whether it's win or loss. (In other words, have fun whether you win or lose)


3. Player must have a mic and must communicate to the team.


4. Player must be willing to participate in ALL Halo Reach game modes. (Slayer, Capture the Flag, Headhunter, Invasion etc.)


5. Player must change their emblems to Team Forerunner's official emblem (No armor or gamertag changes are required, however if you join our clan, I ask that you put "Team Forerunner" into either your motto or bio so that way when our new members look at my friend's list, they will know who is in our clan and who isn't)


I allow ALL ranks to join so I will allow you to join whether you are a Recruit, Inheritor or anything in between. Currently our highest ranked officer is a Field Marshall and our current lowest ranked officer is a Warrant Officer (again these are official Team Forerunner members). And we have many ranks in between, so you should be able to fit right in!


Players can also list a specific preference in which class they will be assigned. (All-Around, Heavy, Long Range, Close-Quarter, Vehicle Operator, etc.)


An Octagon backround with the Champion Star in the middle is the Team Forerunner emblem. The Colors are Steel (Backround Color), Silver (Primary Emblem Color), and White (Secondary Emblem Color). I no longer require the service tag to be changed, because it is hard to recognize teammates with the same service tags.


As said above I am trying to make Team Forerunner as fun as I possible can, and if there are any recommendations let me know. We also try to have clan battles every weekend, so if your clan wants to battle ours, feel free to contact our Clan Battle Organizer Jakeylakes.


You are more than welcome to contact any of the leaders/co-leaders listed above, but for the most part you will want to send me messages. You can contact me multiple ways:
1. Xbox Live Gamertag: Spartan I043
2. Right here in the forum
3. Send me a private message


We now have our very own clan meeting room! We hold meetings EVERY Saturday. You can come to these meetings and find out more about us if you wish.


Also, When you join Team Forerunner, don't only send me a friend request, but also send Iron Hawk II (Team Forerunner Leader), Jakeylakes (Team Forerunner Co-Leader and Clan Battle Organizer), Reydaitso (Team Forerunner Co-Leader and Secretary of Treasure), fishiesDONTswim (Team Forerunner Co-Leader) and Mr Silph (Team Forerunner Co-Leader) one. This way they will know you are wanting to join or have already joined. You can try to contact one of them if I'm not online.


Iron Hawk II writes:
"Hey guys, I am proud to be a Team Forerunner leader. I hope you have the best experience possible playing Reach in our clan.
This clan was built by Spartain I043 and myself and we want other Reach players to play to win, but also be good sports about losing because we will most likely not win every match. This has been a great experience for me. I hope to see you on the battlefield soldier. Iron Hawk II, signing out.
PS: I appreciate my fellow clan members to be my friends and also if it isn't too much to ask, I would like a good rep. Oh! And one more thing I would appreciate as little language (cussing/swearing) as possible."


Jakeylakes also writes:
"Hey guys i'm Jakeylakes one of the members of Team Forerunner. I would just like to give you a heads up display of how great this clan is and I highly recomend that you join. Team Forerunner plays for fun, Team Forerunner accepts anyone who's willing to join. These past few weeks have been awsome, I have played so much now and my ranks are soaring through the roof because I can actually play Reach and enjoy. Team Forerunner has lots of members and there all fun to talk to. If you consider becomeing an honarable member of Team Forerunner all you need is a mic, contact Spartan I043( our team leader- also give Iron Hawk II respect aswell) or alteranativly you can contact me and i'll talk with Spartan I043. Many Thanks Jakeylakes Team Forerunner"


ArmorLock4Noobs also writes:
"I'm a new member myself, this is a great clan to join. Team Forerunner may put fun first, but don't let that fool you into believing we are not a serious clan. I have been in 4 clans spanning the past 7 years on XBOX Live and I am impressed with the level of professionalism on Team Forerunner. "


Other quotes by my members:
1. "Team Forerunner is a VERY fun clan!" -Capt Dewy/ispartan365
2. "Team Forerunner puts the Team in Teamwork!" -Crazed So
3. "I never plan to leave Team Forerunner!" -Untaimed Spirit
4. "Finally a clan where winning doesn't matter!" -burningclod
5. "Team Forerunner's guys are GOOD!" -SILENTxkiller


Believe it or not this is our (Iron Hawk II and me) first time running a clan as well as being in a clan. We must be doing a good job or our clan members wouldn't be saying these things. Personally we love to have fun, but we can get very serious (especially when it comes to recruiting and cussing players with unsporting attitudes). If you want proof that these guys have fun in Team Forerunner just send them a message and ask. They will tell you how much fun they have. We guarentee you'd have fun as well. If you want to join, but may be nervous if you were to want to quit and not disappoint me, don't worry about it. We don't force anyone to stay, nor do I force anyone to leave. It is completely up to you. We ask that you really think about joining. We have so much fun as a group and we want to share our fun with YOU.


If Team Forerunner is a clan where you want to find friends, play with mature yet fun guys that rarely cuss, have VERY GOOD sportsmanship, and have the teamwork spirit, then Team Forerunner is the clan for you, because Team Forerunner wants you to have a Halo Reach experience that you will NEVER forget.


Questions and comments needed answered quickly about Team Forerunner should be sent to Spartan I043, Jakeylakes, Reydaitso, fishiesDONTswim and/or Mr Silph. Iron Hawk II is online when possible (not frequently) so only send him messages if necessary.


On behalf of Team Forerunner we hope that you join (quickly).


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Oh! And one more thing. We only have about 5-10 slots left in our clan. Make sure you join ASAP!


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