We all knew it would happen one day...............

and yesterday it happended on Operation Metro................So who knows about the Operation Metro over/under the map glitch?

You can take all the flags, never die, enemies cannot see you or shoot at you but you can kill them a will.

Don't even ask me how to do it .....I was just wondering how popular this glitch is? I personally can't stand this type of gameplay and really hope it gets fixed real fast or you can just remove this map as the scrubs will make it unplayable.

Who has time for this stuff. I saw how they did it and let me tell you it's.....................Very easy and if you play the map you walk by the entrance 100 times.




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I know how to do it,I never have or ever would though!I recently had to kick a guy from a server i am admin for,for doing it.It is the worst kind of glitching imo.

That's one of the lowest forms of glitching.  People who play that way need to just do us all a favor and off themselves.

I totally agree with all. Wtf fun is that ? I just don't get it . I was going to jump up and just start killing them all but what's the sense really. I left the game and found a new server. The sad part it was the servers admin in the glitch. He also had a list of stupid *ss rules for his server so long I wasn't even going to attempt to play..I think he mentioned any "cheap" tricks he would boot you .

Can you get any cheaper then killing players in a wall??

Dice AGAIN.....stop buffing, nerfing, adjusting. All guns are almost all exactly the same now so could you get back to fixing basic game play maybe ?      Just a thought

...naw, why would DICE bother?....it's easier to just nerf/buff things than it is to actually fix stuff, besides to the lab monkeys it looks like DICE is actually doing something when they nerf stuff....."see, DICE really cares...they listen to their fans bla bla bla"

Just to mention if you didn't know............This thread is not here to promote this glitch.



A squadmate of mine put a Beacon under the map once, so I spawned on it.

Turns out, I couldn't die, nor be seen. I could cap flags, but I didn't.

Then, when I tried to make a kill from this heinous predicament I found myself in (for science) it turns out, that was impossible.

So, then I was like "AW HELL NAW" and I committed suicide.

Moral of the story "the tortoise is cool, the hare is not". 

@AshHD.... Thats what I saw happen as well. If you couldn't kill anyone great but I know you can kill enemies from the glitch . You must be in certain areas but the "areas" couldn't be in a worse place for game play.

out of every 10-15 games of metro, this may happen once. it's popular but not a lot of people know HOW to do it.

Yeah posting this in the forums is really gonna help

I have seen the on top of the map glitch and it is possible to kill people from there,It takes 2 people to do it so i think there are squads or even parties of people doing it.

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