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hey i'm a 50+ guy who just discovered this type of game and dig it hard. my only issue seems to be the raging debate over the right way to play. here's my take on it. if you like to camp, do it. if you like to rush, do it. if you like to knife/tomahawk, do it. there really is no right way way to play except for honest play. if ya gotta use cheats and hacks, then why even play. like 1 post i read said; instead of buying a modded controller just learn to shoot better!! good advice. just play more and improve your skills. it's a game after all, not an ends all beats all life event. i have a job, a wife and kid so i get only a couple time a week to play, but my game is getting better. i refuse to be rude and cheat. keeping it real and fun is the way to go :-}


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Play how you wish, as long as you are following the rules, it's all good.  You will always encounter different people hating on different styles of play, it is just part of gaming......what it comes down to when someone complains is if they just got their butt handed to them by a camper etc.  if they did then they will talk ish about that particular style.  I will give you this tip since you are new to FPS and more so COD, it is the wild west, take everything with a grain of salt and have fun.

to yo def...having fun and will continue to do so. this is the only version of the game i play. did a quick try of my nephews mwf 1 game. but this is the one we bought and cut teeth on and it's a really kickin ride. *** haters and those that can't accept that there are people who can always play better than them!!!

oh and if you run into me in the game just remember that my play is better than the card shows....this account is shared by me and six other kids!!! so goes the kd down. lol

You are right. Unfortunately not everyone thinks that way, most people like to complain about the way other people play. Especially when they get their quantum singularity kicked. As long a you're not cheating somehow, then do whatever is fun for you.

Generally you're going to get shouted at by someone if you're not playing in such a way that makes it easy for them.