Way to difficult

Wow this game is not what I thought. Perfection is required with a good helping of luck on every hole/shot. Even on the few rare occaisions when I get a "perfect shot the ball still isn't anywhere near the targeted area. An putting? What a steaming pile. The putting meter is a complete crapshoot. Uphill? Downhill? The strike(green zone) on the shot meter is so small even on a 50" tv it's less than an 1/8th of an inch. No way to set difficulty, no learning curve. No fun. I don't play golf at all IRL but I have always been ok at the games. This is pathetic. Enter the experts to tell me the opposite. I wish there would have been a demo! 14.99 wasted.


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It takes a lot of practice and timing. If you keep playing you'll get better. Judging by your post you've already made your mind up, but the game is a lot of fun. It just requires a learning curve as you get used to where to place the ball and how to judge wind. There's not a lot of luck involved really. Just estimating how much the wind will affect your ball, determining how hard to hit based on where your ball is lying (fairway, rough, sand, etc and how high up or down your destination is from where you are), and getting the timing of your power and accuracy correct. Putting is simply learning how much you need to aim left or right depending on the color of the grid between your ball and the hole. I'll give you some hints.


  • Drivers/Woods hit straight and hard and fall before your circle and roll to their destination. Don't use them when you have a hazard below where you are hitting as the ball will fall into the hazard and not have a chance to roll. Irons go higher in the air and roll a shorter distance so they are better for approach shots on the green.
  • If your target is 50 ft above or below where you are hitting from you must compensate for this. Since 3 feet = 1 yard the easiest way to do this is convert how far up or down the target is and add or take away power to adjust. For example 50 ft up would require an additional 16-17 yards to make up for the extra distance you have to hit. 50 ft down would be 16-17 yards less than what you are hitting.
  • Rough, Deep Rough, and Sand require you to hit much harder than the circle will show you to reach the same distance. They also require you to get a very accurate timing on the return of the bar or it can greatly affect your shot. Don't ever use a driver or wood when in these lies as you will almost always fudge your shot. The lower in number your iron is, the harder it will be to hit as well. SW, PW, and AW are really the best clubs for getting out of bad lies. Once you get better at timing you can start slamming the ball out of the rough with irons. If you don't have a good shot it is sometimes better to use a SW and hit the ball back onto the fairway so you can make a better next shot.
  • Ball english is great for curving the ball around obstacles in your way or for getting extra distance on your first drive. Don't forget to use it.
  • When putting on a level grid I've always found it better to increase your power a few feet beyond the hole before hitting. Hitting exactly as it tells you usually falls short. Obviously if you're hitting uphill you will need to significantly increase your power and the opposite for downhill.
  • Astrid is the best caddie in my opinion. Her putt prediction ability is really good for difficult putts.

Great tips, Shaftshifter.  You sound like you play real golf.

 I wonder if real golfers have an edge on this game.  

I also found out, don't always use the club that the game gives you.  

Sometimes it is better to go to a "lower" club and get the better percentage of making the shot.  

I never realized about the higher elevation shots.  Good to know.

Jedi: There are also a number of helpful Youtube videos on playing this game.  Check out the ones by Sparklefresh.

There is definitely a learning curve with this game.  The more you play, coupled with the tips you get here in the forums, videos, etc greatly improves your game.

A lot of people get frustrated and mad when the ball doesn't go where its supposed to. There is always a reason it went off course though. Wind, bad accuracy, bad lie, or wrong elevation adjustments. The circle is not a guaranteed place where the ball will land, it is only where it will land if there was no wind and you hit the ball perfectly in power and perfectly in accuracy. So you just need to adjust to correct that. A lot of times that means putting your circle where it shows it landing in the rough. Doesn't mean it will hit the rough because the wind will blow it where you actually want it.

Have you been paying attention to my tips Bob? Pretty sure we went over the higher and lower elevation shots before.


Sometimes it is better to go long with a club so you don't have to make a full 100% swing to hit with the power needed.

On top of what's been said, the game does throw you a bone eventually if you just keep spending your credits in the shop. After a few days you'll find your golfers are much better off. I'd recommend sticking to the 15,000 credit packs. The 60,000 sounds good, but includes no caddy perks, and some of the orange gear is no better than purple gear anyway.

hmmmm…..that's good to know…I've been saving for the purple packs….maybe i should just get the orange then as theres chances of getting purples in there anyways

Yes, the 15,000 is definitely the way to go until you use it up. Once it says Boosters Only go to 60,000. That's what I've done anyways. The lesser ones are useless to be honest. You don't need to level to use orange clubs.

The orange Extreme packs for 60K only include Extreme items. The lower valued packs are the ones that have a chance to earn an Extreme item, not the other way round. I am finding the former Pro pack at 2500 for boosts only is value for the money spent. You get 5 cards and have a chance for Pro, Elite or Extreme boosts.

Yeah when I run out of clubs I'll probably do that.