Way around powerleveling crash?

Ok, I've mentioned my old character a number of times. Sadly, he is no longer with me, because I tried to powerlevel a new character, and it corrupted the game, forcing me to delete it entirely, and start over. For those of you who don't know, powerleveling is upping one of your major skills, really fast. I.E. Using the item dup glitch to make tons of potion ingredients, and then making a ton of potions to level your Alchemy from its starting point, to 100 in about half an hour. If your major skill is Alchemy, then this will probably raise you up...What, 10 levels or so?

The problem is, if you use all those levels at once (And by that I mean you rest over and over to get higher levels) then the game may crash. What I'm wondering is, has anyone found a way around this? One way I was thinking of, was leveling my easy major skill to 100 (In the case of my new character who is a thief, Sneak) and then every other game day I could rest and go up a level. Or maybe use the "Wait" function and wait two days, then go up a level. This would still be way, way faster and leveling the normal way, and maybe since there's game days going by between levels, it won't crash?


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