WaW zombie maps

Treyarch sucks for not releasing the original Zombie maps from WaW as a DLC.  Also, I don't think there going to.  What are your ideas????


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I am incredibly surprised that Activision has not released a dlc pack for these maps; It seems like money in the bank for them. When I purchased the edition with the bonus maps I didn't know that all members of the team must have said maps or else they'd be unplayable. Please Activision/Treyarch: release the bonus zombie maps as dlc. 

I agree strongly. I want to play the old maps SO bad. I never got to play them very much since I never got WaW. Although I am curious what other people think the price should be for the map pack including all of them. I personally think 1000 MP is a reasonable price.

I'll jump on this particluar band wagon. I heard they were going to but id of thought theyd have done it by now if they were going to. Der Riese is probably still my favorite Zombie map and i would love to play it using the black ops features, one thing i hate about switching to WaW is the way it splits the screen vertically instead of horizontally (i play alot of zombies split screen with my buddy) Come on TreyArch, its a no brainer, just release the old maps already

I'd say that they will not release them. Otherwise, why would people buy the "hardened" or "prestige" versions of the next game if the general population simply gets to download their extras later?


The philosophy is that if you wanted the old maps, you had to come off the money from the beginning. Although it may be more money for Activision now, it will prevent them from generating a much bigger profit from "exclusive" deals if those deal remain "exclusive."

Unless they have achievements for easter eggs like Call of the dead, im not missing them.

I'd buy them for 1200msp easy, I actually just picked up WAW again for kicks. The MP is almost unplayable due to hackers/modders or whatever they are called, although really fun when in a clean lobby!

Anyway those zombie maps are really fun, it feels so different when compared to Blops zombies, but really fun.

I just picked up a WaW game 2 weeks ago because I wanted to play Zombies.  You could call me a Noob to Xbox because I go my first Xbox on New Years Eve (2010) and bought the regular Black Ops with it, because it was cheaper and I didn't know it came with the other maps.

As far as I know, they aren't making the Hardened or Prestige editions.