Watching TV Through Xbox One – Random Freezing?

Hey guys I am new to xbox and posting on these forums. I just got my xbox one. I choose the Xbox one over the PS4 for the tv feature and wanted to try a different console. Anyways after setting up everything that was required I was excited to test out the voice command and watch tv however like many of you out there I noticed that my tv would lag or freeze constantly, this really got on my nerves and led me to google for a solution, however nothing seem to solve the problem until I came across a post can't remember who posted it but here's what I did and since then no freezes or lag. It doesn't matter what cable company you are with this works for all. I have a scientific atlanta explorer 8300hd dvr box go to your HD settings mines was set to passthrough I changed it to convert to 720 or less and then in the Xbox one tv and display setting change your display to 720 after that I just quit the tv app and turned it back on and no more freezing. As for audio I left every thing as is haven't had time to play with it. For some reason the xbox one is having trouble converting the display between 720 and 1080 hence the lag hopefully microsoft can fix this via software update cause I bought a led LCD tv to watch 1080, I also recommend if you have a high speed hdmi cable not in use swap it out with the one that came with the xbox one prior to the solution I tried, I changed my hdmi cable and saw so improvements the cable appears to be cheaply made.

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