Watch Dogs delayed..,2817,2425797,00.asp

$50 says GTA5 is doing so well they wanted to give it time to cool off and copy some of the featues..



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Most likely XD

Doesn't really bother me as I am having too much fun with GTA V right now anyway.

Doesn't bother me any, I'll still get the game when it comes out. The delay just gives me more time to spend playing GTA 5 Online without having to split playing time between the two games.

Pffffffft, anytime Ubi delays a game to "not compromise quality''  it will be a disappointment.  I always fall for this from them, my fault but I can't get my hopes up anymore.

I have the Xbox One preordered but am still undecided on what launch title to buy.  So Watch Dogs won't be one of them huh?

you can watch dogs in GTA V, it's amazing really

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