Wasted Day....Thanks DS!

I just wasted half of my day at work, farming online for tips and information, while submitting my own discoveries.  Stupid Dark Souls; now I can't wait to get home to play awhile!  I need to go kill the golden knight, and then the huge silver knight at the bottom of the tower, so I can get their rings.  LoL. 

Does anyone else have this problem?


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His name is Havel and you can get his armor in Anor Londo.

Protip: Wear it when you get it

Havel is easy! And a trick for the Dark Knights with the bows is to use posion arrow! It might take 3 mins but it is a kill and no risk!

my only problem is this is busy time of year for me.  really wish I had time but the time i get off work, take a shower help wife clean up and do dishes, I have the energy to maybe play for hour or 2 max.   then off to bed.   really want some major hands on time with this, but won't get it till winter.   which is why gow 3, battlefield 3 are on hold for me.

You mean the Silver knights in Anor Londo? Apart from those two devils on the the ledge with the Greatbow and dragonslayer arrows, those guys were a sinch! I started farming them cuz they drop 1000 souls a piece, and there were lots of them. Snagged their armor, weapons, and shield too. Ive been getting crazy drops lately. And my GOD yes I have the same problem. Its been ALL Dark Souls, all the time for me. This game has taken me by storm, and I feel like a crack addict. I cant stop playing! Even with batman, Skyrim, SR3, Halo, Assassins Creed Revelations and the 100000 other games that come out this November, im still going to even play New Game Plus.  Which i hardly EVER do. This game is amazing.

Havel is easy to beat if you stay close to him. I mean really close. Slow dance with him. As he prepares to swing, just strafe around him, back stab and repeat. If he gets too close to a wall, you'll want to run up and off the stairs to reset his position, otherwise you'll get stuck on said wall while strafing and he'll smash you. His reach is far too great to keep any distance between him and yourself, and it's the bulky end of his black metal club that does the most damage.

Am I the only one who thinks of Lando, the african american....or I guess african bespinian, from Star Wars when I hear of this place?

Bro man, the gold knight is cake, but the silve knight........HHOOLLLYY SSHIIEETTTT!!! That dude is friggin HARD!!! You'll see when you fight em. He makes the dark knights look MAD easy. Just DONT GET HIT. Depending on how uch health you have and how much physical resistance you have, ONE HIT can completely WIPE YOU OUT!! He carries a club the size of a spear so he has LONG reach and he swings it like it was a damn broom stick.

Not wasted at all if your at work, (like myself) for 10 hrs a day...I seem to find time to get my work done and still read plenty of forum talk to hype myself up for this evenings run on DS....but I only try to find information on a part that I am stuck on, I avoid the spoilers if you will....but by all means, post what info you find, it helps us all in the future...

And yes Big Red, we all have to help with the wife and kiddos before our own playtime....sigh....marriage..