Wasted $80 dollars on a worthless game. Do not buy.

Ok, Huge Elder Scrolls fan. Been playing ever since Morrowind. That said. If you are too, then do not waste your time on this game. 

1. Login failures, annoying, not a great start. 

2. I purchased the special edition with all the bells and whistles. But guess what, only I get the bells and whistles, my wife and brother who want to play on my xbox don't get it. Zenimax says "you have to purchase that dlc again." For DLC... I... already... purchased.

3. Combat is slow and clunky. The game literally has the combat system used in games from ten years ago. 

4. Every time you turn around they make the game overly difficult and frustrating so that you WANT to purchase in game money. Like way shrines, you can use them only so often otherwise it costs hundreds of gold to use. Just one example of the dozens of annoyances I have found like that.

5. You only get 60 inventory spaces which would be fine except the count crafting items as items so a flower takes up a whole inventory space.

6. Most items found in the world can be sold for 0 gold. Which shouldn't be horrible because you can break items down for their raw materials, except its not guaranteed if you get anything. Most items you get nothing.

7. Except for special dungeons and pvp you cannot  quest with friends. You can each solo the same quest at the same time but group questing is a no-go. Which means no helping friends.

8. The area is flooded with players, often doing the same quest as you so you have literally twenty or so people standing around waiting for the big boss at the end of a dungeon to spawn. Then all hell and lag breaks out when he does and the fight literally lasts seconds. 

9. Bad guys can hit you with a sword from twenty feet away. No joke. 

10. Immersion is horrible. You wait in line to cure some npc with a potion. Watch him stand up and say "Thank you" then fall back on the floor so the next guy can heal him with his potion.

11. Playing areas at your level is to easy and  playing above your level is suicide. You attack a heavily fortified enemy siege location... except their forces consist of two bad guys that spawn over and over again... Huh? I literally have to run around looking for someone to fight. 

12. You can only sell so many stolen goods a day. 

13. no mini map and no red dots for enemies... but that doesn't matter because enemies don't see you until you hit them, basically.  

14. After level six you cant respawn where you died. You can if you have special crystals. Please purchase a pack of those in the store for real money. 

15. Even after paying $60 or more on this game respecing your character skills costs almost ten dollars. 

16. There is no magic skill trees. Only staff skill trees. So you cant level up healing like in previous editions you have to level up "restoration staff." Which would be ok except you cannot switch weapons mid fight. at least not until level 15. 

17. Support on this game is worthless. I went to the forums on their website and tried to write some posts. After an hour of dealing with support I still could not log on my forum account. It kept saying their server was not recognizing my ip address and it kept sending me codes to me email to authenticate. Finally I got signed in and went to the forums. I tried to post and it said "please sign in" even though my name was at the top as logged in. So I type in my info for the thousandth time and it tells me my name was not recognized... Call customer support again. So while I was waiting I read forum stuff, only to read complaint after complaint of things wrong with the game on the PC side that has yet to be addressed after all this time. How long has it been out? A year almost?

Those were just SOME of the annoying things that I have found after a day of owning this game. My PC friends laugh at me and say "That is just how MMO's are." WHAT?! Bad graphics and crappy games are what the "PC Master Race" have been dealing with for years?! And they have been so desensitized that they think that its normal?! Ugh. 

I am just sad that I bought this game digital so I can't return it for at least some of my money back.


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this dude didn't even try, I played all I wanted last night, first thing I found was the bank which also has 60 slots from which crafting materials are pulled when you need them, you don't even have to withdraw thm, very next person I found was the backpack vendor, kinda high but that wont be a prob later

^ that's why I quit. Got lvl 50 veteran 3 and quit. Botters were bs.

If these people only knew how bad the botters were at the pc launch.   I had a bunch of friends that quit playing because of them.   Stacks of botters everywhere. On resource nodes, on quest mobs, on boss mobs, on chests.  Now THAT was unplayable,  you couldn't finish quests because you couldn't kill the quest mobs.

Stop complaining

18. I shaved my balls for THIS?!

^ exactly. As said if you have a problem or question ask someone. Don't think the games P2W and etc.

Lol people seem to think there is only 1 server that hosts all players when that is wrong. Often times when I invite friends to my group they get a message "Mr Durva is currently in a different instance. would you like to join them?" Otherwise think just how crowded the starting town would be? Also no mmo has had a smooth launch and anyone that played WoW would know this

^ Ment to say ranters, not rangers.

Typical MMO ranters. Guess what guys. I played this on pc and it was the same it is now. And it might be a mega server but it has multiple servers in those mega ones. I know when I get home from work Ill give my 2 cents about you rangers complaining about how MMOs run. Just a taste, your on a Xbox one. Don't expect it to be as glorious as it running on pc. Even pc has its issues so ye, if you have any problems I can help you just don't diss a game because its had a rough re-release on consoles. At least you don't have to deal with botters and etc.

I don't know how stupid you have to be to only make 1 server for a community as large as xbox live , mega server more like mega dumb . I played for an hour and almost fell asleep , this game sucks . Nothing but a huge gimme all your money for a stupid horse rip off already took this piece a crap to trade off .

Delusional this game will not be good when servers are fixed and second this is the worst launch i have seen for a big mmo or any game  in the past 2 decades its bloody mess .nothing is resolved on the x1 its been nearly 2 hours of trying to sign in then you do and when your making your character it  kicks you and it starts all over and this has happened 3 times WTF having to start making a character 3 times over is a joke and i am returning my copy to EB games, so then i pass the the first cave part and it disconnects it takes 20 mins to get back in and my character is gone need to create again. DONT BUY THIS GAME its a broken mess even by day 1 MMO standards it is horrible with lag , stuttering , data loss and so much more and thats if you can even get in to a game you spent $60-$120 on . thanks to EB my copy is going back tomorrow for a full refund .

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