Was my account hacked? Or what?

Okay, I just posted this on the Bungie.net forums, but I am posting it here in the hopes that somebody can help me.

Okay, My gamertag is "Quicksilverr" and all day I have been getting the pop-up warning message informing me that if I were to quit/disconnect any more games there would be penalties. The problem? I haven't quit/disconnected a single game since mid-day yesterday, and it only happened once because of an internet issue.

I finally got tired of all of these pop-ups so I go onto Bungie.net and check out my game history. I don't initially notice anything out of place until I see a single Slayer Custom game in Forge World. The thing is I don't play that so I start to do some detective work.

Let me set up the scenario. Last night I was playing with my guest in the Premium Battle Playlist. Here are my last three played games: Game 1, Game 2, Game 3. Note: You can see me as well as my guest. My last game played was at 12:18 AM (or 3:18 AM EST).

Then, this morning I get online and my first game is an Alpha Zombies match at 11:09 AM (2:09 PM EST).

Suddenly, the pop-up warning messages start to appear. It says I have been disconnecting from too many games. This is when something very interesting occurs in my game history.

At 11:28 AM (2:28 PM EST) I play a SWAT Magnums match and I played against a player by the name of "[Removed]" and his three guests. My team wins 50 to 25 and we go on our way... or so I thought.

In my game history I was apparently in a Slayer Custom game in Forge World that lasted a whopping 720 minutes! :O And look who is in that custom game. Me (Quicksilverr), [Removed], and his FIVE guests! And at what time does this 12 hour custom game end? An entire 2 minutes after my last SWAT game. How is this even possible? And what happens next? A mere 6 minutes later I finish up a SWAT match.

After this everything goes back to normal, and by normal I mean that I don't join any random custom games for 12 hours that has 5 guests. However, I still get those pop-ups. Can anybody explain what happened to my account? How is it possible to play a 12 hour custom game in 2 minutes and then finish a matchmaking game a mere six minutes later. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention this. I also apparently received a ton of credits from that 12 hour custom game Bungie.net says I was in. Once I found out this happened I changed my password to my account to enure nothing else could potentially happen. I am very confused and any insight into what just happened would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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Removed the other Gamertag in the post. Please do not call out other users, even if you believe they are doing something wrong.


If you believe your account was under someone else's possession, contact Xbox Support immediately and open an Unauthorized Access case.

Yeah, that makes sense. I am not necessarily saying it is him, though it is very suspicious. Since I got put into a custom game without me being aware it could have happened to him as well. However, since I didn't have to recover my gamertag and that single custom game was the only strange occurrence I feel as though my account is still under my control.

Five guests is enough evidence by itself to show that something's up.


I don't know what to do about it but I would definitely go through the due process if I were you. Taking security steps is also a good idea, as you have done, but any more is always going to be better.

Yes, contact support and you might want to change your passwords to both your account and email addresses. If you have any credit cards or debit cards on the account, check for suspicious activity and take appropriate action.

yeah I think Chainsmokingbob is right because I dont think you can have 5 guest on halo or any game that I know of..... could it be a system link though?

You can never have five guests. Five players can't even play on a single 360.


One account can't support guests across consoles either. Those players should not be marked as guests.

Either somethings up or you have quit to many games before the games you have listed, the pop up messages have happened to me at some point because I was lagging out on a few games, a few months later I have ended up getting the messages.


Try contacting support and see if they can make anything out of it.