Was Jack in This Game?

I'm already starting to forget the campaign.  I don't remember Jack being in it.  He was the best character.


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He was on the last chapter. with his new "DON'T TASE ME BRO" ability.

^ Haha, yes.

Shame he wasn't in it more.

Oh yes, I remember him zapping people.  Jack is a best.

He should have his own campaign.

i Agree!!!!!!

It a shame he didn't get more screen time, Jack saved Delta more times than you can count on two hands.

He always had a knack for cracking doors right as all the enemies were destroyed.........lol

I remember I would start looking for ammo and cover as soon as I heard "Jack, rip that door!"

hehehehehehe  @AFSOS1   thats funnny cause  that  was exactly how it was for me too!!   Everytime when i heard JACK  RIP THAT DOOR.. i... i would be like  "Oh Sheeet.. big battle coming on heheh"  

I think JACK would be a KILLER  character to actually be able to  play as!  like during a  like a new campaign mission or as a coop... I would like to play as JACk hehehe! that would be fun!