warzone or execution type rules?

i always hated that it was execution rules in modes like annex, king of the hill, guardian, etc. watching some videos the last few days it seems as though people are finishing off their downs with lancer/hammerburst/pistol fire from afar. does anyone know if they are going to do warzone rules for downs/kills in objective based modes?


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They are using the Hybrid rules (can be finished from afar while down, but can also self revive) for most gamemodes.  Execution (obviously) and Wingman will still use execution rules.

I love the new Hybrid rules - was great fun in the beta and made KOTH playable again.  I get why some people love Execution rules - but to me it's so incredibly unrealistic that it drives me crazy.

Execution rules are for lower skilled players who get another chance to die again.

so glad it is the way it is!