Warrior or Rogue

I know there isn't a class system in this game, but I wanted to know if you guys think I should try my first play through as a sneaky rogue type character or a though warrior type character?


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Well no offense but why would you ask other people about this? It's your character and game

play both ,alot of people tend to go warrior at first to earn the game

Well I'm having trouble deciding so I thought I would ask on the forums.

Do a mix, then. I'm planning on making my character all three classes

I always play rpgs warrior style with rogue influences.

Both. That's the beauty of the classlessness. Light armor, sneak, 1-handed (daggers are included in that), archery, smithing, block, etc.

I mean hell, my character will literally be doing everything. The only skills I am going to completely neglect are non destruction/restoration magic and heavy armor. I'll be doing EVERYTHING else.