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Hello everyone,

This is WNxM3 from Warrior Nation. I would like to give you a small introduction about Warrior Nation before I release my plans with the guild.

Warrior Nation is a multi-gaming clan since 1998. We currently support around 40 different games which are divided in different sections. We already have a section up and running for the PC version of the Elder Scrolls online, and we are trying to get sections up for the PS4 and Xbox One too.
This is what I am currently working on: I’m basically searching for mature people to get a tight group of enthousiastic players started, which is in my opinion the foundation for a healthy guild.

At the very start I would like to keep the group tight and small, just to get things off the ground and to get to know each other better. I’m talking about a maximum of 10/15 players.
After some time we should review the guild, together. This might result in a decision to increase the population, or to change the current heading, but only time will tell.
Main thing that counts for me is that our members have a vote in this too. After all it’s the people who should be happy and enjoy being part of this guild.

How does this sound to you? And would you be interested in getting this guild started?

Decisions about factions and roles have not been made yet. This will be done later on, and you will have a vote in this too!
We have a dedicated forum for the Elder Scrolls Online were all these topics will be discussed.
Also, if you are looking for guilds or clans in other games, you can easily join other sections and meet new people to play with. As stated up above, we support around 40 different games at the moment.

I have been part of the Warrior Nation clan for almost 9 years, so if you have any questions: Feel free to ask.
Just throw me a private message or post a reply in this thread.

Take care everyone!


Website: http://warriornation.net/


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