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How is everyone planning on leveling up your warrior class? I was going to play as a wanderer but since I didn't play Demon Souls - warrior seems like a safe starting point.  


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There is no safe starting point! Umm... I started Thief, but my Thief is slowly transitioning into a Warrior as I level. I'm wearing the Elite Knight Armor set, with the exception of the Armor Plated Boar's Helm. I'm putting a bit into str, vit, and dex here and there, and a little, not much at all yet because I'm still an early level, in res and endurance...

I'm rolling as a Knight, with hopes of using Miracles to supplement my armor/attack.

Leveling up Strength, Endurance, Vitality and Faith and sometimes putting a bit here and there into Dexterity.

im going with a warriar im gonna focus on getting magic first for healing if that makes sence lol this will be my first souls game :)

I wanted to play as the sorcerer but the starting stats for that class make the beginning of the game even more challenging since all their good stats are into magic and the melee stats suck.

They have friggin clothes and not armor so they take A LOT of damage, as I found out the hard way. They also have a sucky starting weapon, but the only reason I selected that class because in demon souls I ran with the magician and I was killing it with the spells and combat.

But this time, I will just roll with the thief class and get the magic spells later in the game for my thief since they got rid of mana and made magic spells limited. Because if they had the same mana system from the first one, I would just spam soul arrow or soul ray and be done with it. LMAO.

My thief is like a light armored warrior. Really good at dodging and moving fast and then strike when there's a opening.

So my stats goes into, DEX, END, and RES for the time being.

Yeah in the first game I was always loaded up with Spices and bombarded though the game with my Royal spellcaster.  Homing Soul Arrows and Firesprays FTW!  

I'm so not used to playing a melee class and trying to pull enemies with it.  I just bought the Soul Arrow for my Knight to try to pull, but it's still definitely new to me and difficult.  Plus, I'm wicked slow since my armor is heavy (another thing I'm not used to), so I've been slamming points into END to try to get my equip capacity up and more stamina to block stuff.  

But damnit, I'm stuck fighting that stupid Gargoyle on the rooftop.  Just can't avoid him quick enough or get in close enough to hit.  *sad face*

i'm running a knight build, focusing on strength, vil., dex, and end. In NG+ I will start with a the miracles and faith stuff!

I found that either the Thief or the Warrior have great potential.  The thief seems to have a bit of an edge because of the simple fact that Dexterity will up the bonus for both its melee weapon and ranged (bow).  However, if you don't care about ranged, then Warrior can be a pretty good choice, since you can concentrate mostly on Vit, End, and Str.  Honestly, there aren't a lot of bad builds in a game like this.  Dealing with griefers invading could be an issue, but so far I haven't seen much of that.

im rolling as a warrior right now, im pumping up str, dex and end right now.  also throwing in just enough for healing spells.  im liking my class right now, just having a hard time with wearing good armor and fat rolling. need to boost endurance more.

Started with Knight, then restarted as a Warrior. Building in Str, Dex, Res, End and Vit. Got a Black Knight Greatsword, from killing a black knight in the Undead burg and and few stats in strength to wielding it on handed..

Rolling a Warrior - Bandit is good/one of the best Melee damagers but im feeling the warrior alot more at the moment. Going Str, End, Vit as Main Prior's and Dex/Faith [which i assume counts towards healing?] as Minor - Sword and Shield as main with Bow/Another sword for single-targets.

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