warrior advice plz

ok so i did the money glitch t, by bsmithng up so i could make deadric armor have a full set with shield and was lvl 22 doing the goldenclaw quest i got destryed by last boss , the glitching levels i dint have the skills of a 22 i get it.

ok round 2 no glitching i was a warrior lvl 5 in full iron gear w/ 2 hand sword went to do mission for warrior guild, i came to confront 2 falmers  they owned me tried 8 diff ways and they r just reg mobs? how is this poss?   do i just suck at warrior lol


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Some enemies don't want to be engaged with your playstyle. For example, a Dragon Priest is always going to be contradictory to a warrior.


Falmer are typically stronger than you are, so two at once at such a low level is dangerous. You'd be better softening them up with stealth arrows or buffing yourself up before you try to take them. Don't try to engage two at once either, not at their strength.


Also, consider turning the difficulty down if you really have to, but otherwise, just come back at a later level : )

I agree, 2 Falmer against a level 5 in Iron Armor probably wouldn't normally go well. I know it says the game scales to you, but it still seems to get way easier for me at higher level once you get better gear. Keep going with it, try to upgrade to Steel, get a few levels of blacksmith and improve it to Superior or maybe a little better and you'll be good to go. I think with a mild gear upgrade you can take them.

Indeed, later on things get a lot easier to take on. If you really must beat them now though try lowering the difficulty for a few minutes.