Warning! Turn off Kinect Sign in unless you like lost progress!

My wife was doing really well on KI survival mode when all of a sudden it said "a sign in change has occurred" and she lost all progress because it kicked her back to the menu.  I was sitting in a chair next to her, and all I did was move my head forward a bit!  Even though I did NOT take her controller away, the only controller we have, the stupid Kinect thought I wanted to sign in on her controller!

Thanks for nothing Double Helix and Microsoft.  Needless to say we turned off Kinect Sign In immediately.


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Maybe you just had a big head lol JK....thank you for the heads up as I have the Kinect sign in feature turned on too

Had this happen when my son and I were playing, turned off Kinect sign in and it still happened. If you cover the Kinect camera it stops it from happening, also have to do this for Lego Marvel.

I have it turned off too - I actually prefer signing in with the voice commands.

The same thing happened to me. I'm minding my own business playing KI, my wife walks in and sits next to me just as I'm about to get a Fight Title I'd been working on and the game decided she had signed in. Kicked me out. Progress lost.

Rather sad that MS has done nothing about this months later.