Warning - Bogus user

Had a message from a random player from an online teamplay lobby posing as an EA ACCOUNT MODerator asking for account details.

Went something like this:

Dear Online User. It appears that the number of reports made against your account have exceeded the limit. If you do not believe you should be banned, please verify your EA account E-Mail and password so we can further investigate. Thanks, EA Support

Looked at his gamercard and he only had one achievement. It was on fifa, created a VP, just to get into these lobbies. You've been warned so dont fall for it guys.


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yea he dont stay in lobbies for to long in out then sends it to everyone

had one  fifa servers or something similar which sent the same message

Sounds a complete con!!

Only a true Sucker would fall for a scam like this, that is why you have your settings set to private - only friends can send you messages.

I hope you filed a complaint about him, we need to be pro-active against individuals like this and let MS handle them, and they hand out permanent bans.

If everyone had it on private, then only those who don't know about it would get scammed, us who don't fall for it need to report them, to save some other poor unfortunate falling for it.