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ok i am at the end of the minelayer hanger raId and i am supposed to go to a transporter and escape the unwinnable horde coming at me. can't figure out how. i stand on it early and wait for it to start up, never sends me anywhere. i wait until it starts up then get on it, never sends me anywhere. looked for a switch or something to turn it on, nothing. What am i missing? thanks in advance for replies


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You're possibly standing on the wrong one? Or because your going there early it's not activating the sequence. The camera needs to pan to it and show it first then before you even get to the teleporter the escape cut scene will start.

It should activate when you enter the circular area on the platform. I suggest you head to the one the Tyrannid Genestealers are coming from and wipe them out until it activates the secondary teleporter scene, then run to it.