Warface beta

so i signed up a month ago, forgot it exists, and then today got an email congratulating me on being invited.
cool, i guess, ill give it a shot.
i open the email and it has a picture and text and says:

and then theres blank space below it, followed by instructions on how to redeem this magically invisible code.
thanks, i guess?


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I got the same email, kinda hard to enter a redeem code you can't see

Got the exact email early this evening.

mailed-by: bounce.email.microsoftemail.com

signed-by: 26.memberemail.com

who are these people

Had the same email... but i'm sure no one cares. This won't be noticed either. Thanks for the Beta Warface, said no gamer ever!

Yea its pretty sad that we unlucky people get beta codes that are invisible and nobody from Microsoft is going to care to look at this thread. Lazy fggts

I got the same email :/ I called xbox support and they told me to contact Crytek about the problem. Passing the buck as it seems, because the email came from Micro$oft not Crytek. After searching cryteks website I could not find a link  for support. I replied to the email that was sent and they have not responded yet. I did sign up for the beta with my other email, but not to sure that there will be a code in that email either.

I just got off tech support chat and they too mentioned that this was a Crytek "thing" ....

I signed up, waited and two days ago got the same email all of you got....plus there was no code.

what gives??

I did a chat with microsoft support about the invisable code and no response to the email i received and they

assured me that they were investigating the email thread and that they would get me a beta code that works within 24 hours

try to high light the blank space as if you were copy and pasting info from something