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Is anyone having trouble getting the war journal to come up on the gears site.


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Yeah it affects Everyone, Epic needs to do some maintenance

True, and once it FINALLY comes up, it is not accurate at all....needs some serious help

I just activated the war journal and i noticed also that the stats are completely wrong  and all over the place. I got a little nervous and had to turn on my xbox just to make sure my account was not reset ! LOL

Yeah, stats are sometimes wrong.

That remembers Army of Two 2, on the website stats and awards were wrong.

Maybe that's why the EPIC server restitute a reset.

And few achievements (What does this button do ? by example ) are unlocked on the gears of war . com whereas in my Profile LIVE,  achievements and score are Not unlocked !!

I don't use the one on the Epic website. I just use the one in the game. Alot easier IMO.