War games lag. Forward port is done. What else )

I have read so many articles on this. ISP says this, xbox says that. How about you gamers out there? What are the good settings? Both on the xbox, and my wireless ISP.

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What you're asking is not as simple as it seems.


For starters, port forwarding does nothing to directly reduce lag in game, but it will let you play with all other players which will in turn let you be matched with optimal Hosts.


Being matched to a Host in your area is critical so if you've forwarded the appropriate ports and you've got an Open NAT Type --which you can check in the menu-- then you've done all you need to.


In general, turn off internet-connected devices you can afford to and make sure no-one else is using your network.

Thanks. Your reply answered my question. I do now have an open NAT Type. It made some difference. Glad to know it automatically matches me to a local Host. And we have a cheap ISP. Wireless at that. So I think its about optimized for what we have. When other PC's in the house are on the network, lag is bad. Especially when on of the pc s are streaming music, or videos.

On another note. I have no friends yet. Tired of being owned by 4 man teams. All alone. And am going to the forum meant for finding partners here on xbox forums. If you can find my post, and want a partner to play Halo 4 war games. Im interested.

Thanks Again.

Actually port forwarding can improve connection in some instances, as it doesn't have to get filtered beforehand.

But with Halo 4, you just have to pray the host is half decent...

saying its all down to your connection is wrong. You can play a game and be fine then play ten horrific games. Most folk see the that theres a pattern (apart from microsoft) i.e. if you are in England and play with anyone from continental europe, russia or mexico you will have terrible lag and a portion of your kills attributed to them. If they are on the enemy team they will have between two and as much as ten+ seconds lead time on you (getting shot through walls or rocks or 300000 tons of virtual soil or killed by a single pistol shot to the toe). It is solvable part in network matching and part by giving us choice over which countries we play in the settings of the console or games. Its the usual you paid, you can't get your money back, they tell you its your fault and you fall for it then tell others its their fault too and finaly, we love playing so much we come back despite it all and pay again. Why bother fixing it when we buy it anyway. Halo Vista anyone. I played halo through the bungie years but after the lack of story and character of enemies and music, I am extremely nervous about buying yet another console just for a new halo and definately considering the lack of effort before and after sale of these games and the MCC is already well known for being useless its very very sad.