Wanting help with a deck idea.


I am trying to create a Dark Magician deck but I am having severe issues. Mainly because I only bought one structure deck (the one which has Dark Magician and Dark Magician girl and the Dark Paladin). This has left me with a deck which I am literally finding it near impossible to win with. My key issue is getting cards onto the field, considering most of the enemies pack more countering-cards then anything else. My other issue is that my only high attacking monster is Deadroot (4000atk, 4000def) and below that is obviously Dark Magician, meaning I am finding it a right pain in the hole to successfully build up a strong attack force. Anyone got any ideas what cards I should use to bolster this deck and make it better? I am really new to 5ds and it's cards list as the last time I played the Yu-Gi-Oh TGC was in reality back when the anime had just released the movie so I am really unsure on the new cards within this spectrum.


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If you're looking for beatsticks, aka hard hitters or monsters with high attack points for a minimum cost, look for cards like Gene-Warped Warwolf or Summoned Skull, or utilize cards with easy monster/card removal, such as Man-Eater Bug. These help out a lot in the beginning while you're just starting out. As for a Dark Magician deck, it's probably best to collect the cards for one first, such as Magical Dimension, Ancient Rules, etc. You shouldn't have to lose with an incomplete deck.

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Hm-Choas sorcerer can be a terrific blocker card- and dark magician knight if you can. try also combining with a blue eyes-ancient rules deck variety since most of the strong cards stated in the above posts are normal and would work well.