Want to start / make a group of friends, without the politics of a clan.

Hiya! :3

I'm Minnie, and I've been looking into joining a clan, because I want a regular group of people I can play with. I want to make friends, who I can get along with, and who can get along with each other. Having just one good gaming buddy isn't always enough for achievements, or games like Mass Effect 3.

But, I hate the politics of clans, the forums, ranks, and the masses of clans. I'm really just lookin' to meet four or five cool people to not only chill and game with, but be able to call my friends. My only requirements are a mic, 18+, and a sense of humor. 

Now then, for a little about me..

I'm an uber nerd; Batman is my biggest obsession, Harley and Joker are my favorite characters. Total Trekkie, but I love Star Wars equally; Vulcan, blue shirt. Sith Lord, all the way. I'm a nurse / caregiver, and an artist. I listen to all types of music, and I listen to music almost 24/7. I am deaf in one ear, so if my music is ever too loud, just let me know, I'll be happy to lower it. If you dislike that song or type of artist, I will be happy to change it, as I said, I like all genres. 

If you're interested, reply here, send me a message, or whatevs! ;w; And have a smurfy day!


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