Want to see something ridiculous? The ONI symbol used as a logo for a US military branch?

I had searched and stumbled for weeks, but I finally found that stupid infomercial that features the logo of ONI from the Halo games as a logo for one of our military branches of government in the United States. 

I am not sure how I can get a screen grab or if I should just post the infomercial link, but I have decided to hide it within the following post as a spoiler link. Feel free to leave your comments and point & laugh at how ridiculous their web editor must have been to have done such a huge gaff.  

[spoiler] http://pro.moneymappress.com/MMRBSSH39PPM3/PMMRR616/?iris=378479&ad=gadgets%2c+geeks+and+technology&campaign=3404&h=true [/spoiler]


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Not the first time something like this has happened.

A couple of years ago the BBC used the logo of the UNSC in a news report instead of the normal logo for the united nations.

Caused a bit of a stir in press

If someone can make a screen grab of it for me, so I can remove the link and repost just the pic, that would be most appreciated.