Want a Halo group for CEA and all things Halo?

As a Halo only group we are playing Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. If you need friendly people to play co-op with, look no further. We also help with skulls, terminals, and cheevos. We help you get them honestly, and we are understanding of those who aren't awesome players.

So if you want to play CEA co-op and get earn the skulls, terminals, and cheevos with friendly people who won't give you a hard time, keep reading...

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Our Group Montages[/quote]

We offer a Competitive Team for our highly skilled members.

We are always willing to engage like minded groups / clans looking for a 4v4 or 5v5 friendly competitive match. Please have your founder contact us here at Midland Base  if you are interested in a match with our competitive team.

If you're looking for BTB 8 V 8's, round robins involving up to three teams of four (12 players per group), mixers, or a combination of large battle / mixer you may also contact us at Midland Base .

Please state in your message which kind of battle you want, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

We're mature folk that love the Halo universe, the games, and the comeraderie that comes with getting together to play a cool game.

Founded 26 FEB 2010 we are one of the oldest groups around that's still active. Join Midland Base - we've been here almost two years and with an established member base and established leadership this is the only group you'll ever need to enjoy any of your Halo games.

We focus on playing the game for fun. When you play with Midland Base you won't be yelled at for going negative, you won't be yelled at for your K/D, and you won't have to endure whining about "who carried who".

And if you're a hard core fan of Halo and don't view it as "just another" FPS to play, then you definitley need to check us out!

We are playing and fully support Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary as well as all other Halo titles that can be played on XBox 360.

We also have a numerous group montages on our website that will let you see how fun it is to play with us: Midland Base Montages

We are the TOTAL Halo experience for those looking for a Halo only group.


We're a friendly group that gladly accepts members regardless of geographical location. Live in the UK or other places in Europe? No problem. Australia / New Zealand? We'll be glad to have you.

We're here for those who want one place to find friendly people to play Halo with and also find answers to Halo questions.

Questions about us? Submit questions directly to group administrators by using our convenient contact us form .
Our Discussion Forums are here .

If your primary FPS is Halo join us and see what a difference it makes to be in a Halo only group and not a multi-game multi-platform group.

Join a true Halo group.


[quote]We are a group, NOT a clan.

We do not require a change in armor perm, colors, emblem, call out, or gamer tag.

We do not require try-outs or a "boot camp".

We do have a minimum forum participation requirement of 8 posts a month.

We have in group ranks and awards:Midland Base ranks and awards[/quote]


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