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trollololololoolllll gorilla man 


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I laughed at the juggling in front of the truck part.

So you and your 12 year old friends thought it would be funny to trespass on a golf course and interrupt the play of a bunch of 50+ year old guys trying to enjoy a round of golf? I hope your mom comes up to your room the next time you're playing Xbox and pulls the cord as it's trying to save, and corrupts your entire hard drive. ****ot.

I enjoy laughing.

@OP-Exit this thread and look at the very top of this game forum. See that ONE sticky thread? Read it. Then you will understand why your link will be removed.

No sir, I do not want to laugh. Maybe tomorrow.

...that wasn't even remotely funny.

Don't waste your time guys, that's 20 seconds of my life I'll never get back