Wanna Help Lead a MW3 Clan?

I am looking to start my own MW3 clan, and I am looking for someone who would be interested in helping me run it. I am active duty US Army and have a pretty crazy schedule plus the possibility of deployments...

What I am searching for is a mature, active gamer, with previous clan leadership experience to help me run this clan. We have no name, but I already have plans for a loose structure. The clan would be set up like a US Army Infantry Battalion, companies would be set up based on parts of the world people would be joining from, for example: Alpha Company would be North America and Canada, Bravo Company would be Europe, Charlie Company would be Australia/New Zealand region. (These are all just ideas)

The Companies would be broken down further into Platoons, in which each Platoon would practice and compete in matches independently of other Platoons.

Thats the basic structure, and it is up for negotiation. I already have a website it is http://mgf.enjin.com again this is just a place holder url until an official name for the clan has been decided.

Interested people need to go to the site and register as this will be where I will be discussing the details of the clan. Once the clan structure is finalized, my "partner" will take over as the Commander of the unit, I will be the site administrator and Executive Officer of the clan.

I am looking for someone who:

Is at least 17 years of age

Prior clan leadership experience

Website administration is recommended but not necessary

Elite purchased preferred

Working microphone for XBL

Ability to access website on a very regular basis

Again the site is still under construction and the url is only temporary until a name has officially been decided. Any interested parties visit the site http://www.mgf.enjin.com



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Hey, sounds like a pretty legit system, bud. I have previous clan leadership and all that, but i don't have elite purchased....which sucks. But i will be getting it soon. If you have any Q's message me on xbox. Im on regularly after school (Im 17) and if you want to know more about my 'leadership' skills ask NeC vK1ll3Rv....one of my clan buds from the past...

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