Wanna come play some Halo with the Waypoint Forum Community on September 23?

Hi everybody, I'm Mike, or aVeryEasyTarget. Some of you might have seen me in some Halo videos, panoramas I've made from Reach or just playing horribly on Halo. If you haven't heard of me, I'm not surprised. I barely know who I am. :P I see a lot of people that are looking for Halo people to play with on this forum, so I thought I would extend a welcoming hand and invite those interested to a forum game time we do once a month on the Halo Waypoint forums. 

Once a month on Halo Waypoint, I (and usually another) host what we call "Waypoint Community Carnage Night". Everyone is welcome to join. This month we are going to be running a Matchmaking lobby and a Customs games lobby. Time frame is Friday, September 23 @ 6-8PM PST (9-11 EST). Last month's WCCN had over 60 attendants and we are looking to push the number higher. 

If you love Halo, want to talk to some fun people, talk about Halo Fest and just have fun killin' each other; then all you need to do is send my GT a message during  or slightly before the playdate time and I will send you an invite if the lobby isn't full yet. 

For more information, feel free to check out the thread on the Halo Waypoint forums or just post in here that you will like to join in; whichever is easiest for you. :) It will help me get a list of people together. I will be running the Matchmaking lobby - which will be in BTB (cause y'know, 16 people and all). The Customs lobby will be running everything from Objective, slayer to crazy gametypes. 

Even if you don't join in, I hope to see you out on Halo sometime. :)


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