wana try an EASY strat on shangri la?

hi guys, im looking for 3 capable shangri la players so we can try and get a high round using a strategy me and 3 randomers did the other day.


basicly, we hold off the area at the top of the water slide with each of us having a section to ourself, this was by far the easiest strategy ive come across but the game dissconnected at around lvl 21    


player 1 will hold off the window to the left off the slide 

player 2 will hold off the area to the right of the slide (a window and a drop which the zombies will climb up)

players 3 + 4 will be facing the mud section and killing zombies as they travel through the mud

obv juggernog is needed and speed cola is a gr8 help, when we were doing this the other day i dont actually think anyone went down but just incase it would be good if u got quick revive too.

all i ask is that u stick to the section WE ( not i ) agree on and that u have a mic.

it may seem that by posting this i want to be the 'leader' and boss u about but after 10 mins of us playing, u will know thats not the case.

we can start as soon as we have a team of 4!



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2 more players needed :)

Hey message me when your on.  Sounds like a great plan

expert tip: M1911 PaP'd with PHD Flopper.....

The second game I played on Shangri la (within the first hour of it's release) we used that tactic and I made it to round 18. Since then everyone I know does that every time they play that map. Kinda late on obvious strategies are we? I'm guessing it's just obvious because I play with the same guys on every zombie map up till now. Here's some tips for success: 1. Look for a good place with few zombie entrances and an escape route. 2. Play with only players that have a mic. 3. Never play with kids. Best of luck.

[quote user="THE NlNJA"]Never play with kids.[/quote]

Not true...I managed to complete the Shangri La Easter Egg 48 hours after its release, and our party had a young guy  (maybe 13 or 14 years old).